CHIPMAN POINT BECAME A VITAL CENTER OF shipping activity in 1812. Sloops and schooners delivered such goods as flour, nails, molasses, iron, rum, and snuff to be stored in the two sentinel stone and brick warehouses on the shore. During the century, supplies were distributed by 19th wagon teams from this point throughout Addison County and beyond.  A lakeshore settlement grew, including a church, a school, a ferryboat, and a very grand hotel. The warehouses accommodated various enterprises such as a general store, a restaurant, a post office  and a tavern.  For many years, ‘hard money was plentiful’, and the community prospered.  Toward the end of the 1800’s, a period of decline occurred. The village shifted its center to its present site and the Chipman river settlement gradually fell into ruin.

The warehouses still remain but the rest has passed into history.  In 1946, to enhance the newly renovated Chipman Point Inn, a marina was established which catered to yachts and cabin cruisers. Although the inn burned down in 1949, the marina flourished and continues to do so.

 This deep-water marina is well worth a  visit for both boaters and campers. Stop in, have an ice cream cone and enjoy the  gorgeous lake setting.